Blues at the Bowers Museum          ,    7/18/10
First we would like to thank the Bowers Museum for  recognizing the historical relavence of the Blues music and secondly for giving the 3rd Degree the chance to expose more Americans to one of the most dominant ,copied and misunderstood art forms in America .
Blues a true "Champions Music" , just a simple story of the truth be it told !

Tribute to Benton

Thanks Big Sky for setting the solid foundation . Here is to you and your future endevours , we wish you the best with your retirement !

More band pics

Goodluck Sugar Bear

Back to The U.P. !

Emily thank you for sharing your talent with Us (So Cal and 3rd Degree Band) and safe journey back home ,  takecare of Mom ! We Love you Emily : )

While leaving the 2007 Bluesfest in Chicago I saw a friend of mine Clarence " Little Scotty " Scott , standing on the corner of Mich. Ave. , while talking to him I noticed his voice was all but gone .  We had a brief conversation  I introduced him to my friend  Hatch and I purchased a cd  from Little Scotty . Later on in a conversation with my Dad I found out that Little Scotty had suffered a stroke , thats when I realized how
" Little Scotty"  must have felt to have been one of the best singers on the Chicago Scene and remain totally obscure to the mainstream music scene . You see Little Scotty was severely  disfigured as child but that did not stop him from singing and boy can he sing , that's when I realized how he must have felt like at the Bluesfest , to have gone so far in his career than suffer a stroke and finally stand on the outskirts of the bluesfest like an outcast , that's the  "Blues" ,  "A.C"

7/7/07 don't forget the 7th son !

Coach House , Eric Sardinas Show