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Blues Journey

Welcome to the 3rd Degree  website , a blues band from Southern California , so sit  back and enjoy  the  vibe . Our main purpose is to keep the blues flame alive ! " The tradition of the blues is one of  the most  vital links  to almost  every  form of  modern popular music being  performed today . " A.C. .  Historically  the blues is no  doubt  the most  powerful  music  in  America ,  given  that  it  gets  virtually   no  airplay  on  radio  or   t.v.  formats ,  but  still is  being  played  in  every  bar ,  juke , nightclub , casino , and  arena  or  festival  and  the  funny  thing  about  it ,  this  is  all  over  the world .  So  the  blues  journey  continues  from  Africa  to  America  to  England  to  Japan  to  Baghdad  it's  the  story  of  life  !